I ordered some items from Taylor Gifts, and found that they had increased the prices on some items when I received my final charge. I notified them, and requested they reimburse me, to which they agreed.

So, I thought this may have been a fluke. No, since I made another purchase today, and found that they did the same thing! The first time, they overcharged me $10.00, and this time it was for $11.00! Buyer beware!

Make sure you check your charges, and print out your receipt (if ordering on the Web). I'm not sure I'll be ordering from them again after this recent faux pas, given it was the second time.

Seems far from a coincidence.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Ordered from them 4 times over about 4 years. I never checked their reviews (stupidly).

First 3 times, no problem - now, they've overcharged me $50. If you want to take your chances, you probably have a 1 of 3 or 4 chance of getting ripped off (more if you buy from clearance or during a "sale"). Apparently there have been others who have been ripped off even worse!

I hope this website deters people! Hopefully if enough of us complain we can get these jerks pushed out of business!


I used to work for Taylor Gifts and Get Organized. They used to double charge for order then make customers wait days to get the moneyback and some never got it.

They hold up given back refunds for months some at all even when you send back the items. they sell your info personal and financial to a company called UMG.

Beware of Buyers Egde. Its a rip off and a Scam.


When I found a $14.95 charge on my checking account, I found out some company named UMG had gotten my banking info from Taylor Giftswithout my permission. I will have to have my bank card stopped and file complaints with the attorney general's office.


They did it to me too. I was overcharged by $200.Then they said my product was outta stock, so they would send it when they got it.

I waited two months, just to call and find out that they cancelled my order because they still hadn't gotten it in. And I hadn't even been reimbursed!

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